Prevent Duplicate Replies With Traffic Cop

Have you ever had two people respond to an email at the same time? That's a real pain, no doubt. Traffic Cop steps in if someone else updates the conversation while a User is replying. In other words, it stops the reply from being sent and gives the User a chance to review new updates. This article is all about Traffic Cop.

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Real-time Collision Detection

While you're viewing a folder, or working on a conversation, you'll see colored visual indicators whenever someone else is viewing or replying to the same conversation. When a User is viewing (yellow) or replying (red), you can hover over the conversation to see exactly who's there.

Within a conversation, you can see who is viewing or replying in the upper right-hand corner of the conversation. A red border around the user indicates that user is replying. 

Messages stopped by Traffic Cop are copied over to a Needs Attention folder on the sidebar. You won't see this folder unless Traffic Cop has flagged a message for review. Once you deal with those threads, the folder will disappear. Messages stopped by Traffic Cop are easily identifiable. You can choose to send the message as is, make some changes, or delete the reply altogether.

Common Questions

Does Traffic Cop work if I'm using the email integration?
Yes, your original reply is sent back, giving you the option to send or trash it. You'll also see new updates that have occurred since your reply. Learn more about working with email notifications here.

What kind of updates stop a message?
Replies are stopped if a customer or another team member replied (or added a note) to the conversation since you last refreshed the page.

Can I change any Traffic Cop settings?
There are no settings to change! Traffic Cop runs quietly in the background. It's always watching, kind of like the government. We can manually disable Traffic Cop on your account, though we don't recommend turning it off.

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