Connecting Facebook Messenger

The Help Scout Smooch integration brings conversations from Facebook messenger right into your Help Scout Mailbox. When you reply, it replies back to your customer’s FB messenger.

Shall we get connected? Or, skip ahead to the Facebook nitty-gritty.  

Connecting Smooch to Help Scout

First things first, you’ll need to set up a trial with Smooch and get it connected to your Help Scout account. Don’t worry. It’s easy peasy. 
Connecting to Smooch is a simple, five step process that unlocks the potential to connect Help Scout to so many awesome social and messenger apps. If you didn’t already spot the step-by-step in our Smooch integration doc, we’ll rehash it for you here. 
Head over to Smooch, and click on the purple  Sign up to install button . This will take you to Smooch's log-in page where you can either log in or sign up for a new account.
In the Overview tab, click on the grey Configure button for the Help Scout app. You'll be redirected to Help Scout so that you can log in to your account and Authorize the connection. 
Review your integration settings and make and save any changes.
And that’s it. Time to add Facebook!

Connecting Help Scout to Facebook Messenger

Connecting Facebook Messenger is just a couple clicks from inside Smooch. It’s so easy you won’t even think you did it right. You did. Before you connect, just make sure that you’re an Admin for the Facebook page you want to integrate with. 
Under the integrations tab in Smooch, choose Facebook Messenger under Customer Channels.
On the messenger page, press the big purple Connect button to connect your Facebook account.
You’ll be prompted to continue as or sign into your personal Facebook account. Proceed. 
If you manage more than one Facebook page from your personal Facebook account, click Choose what you allow to select the correct page. 
When you click All Pages under What You Allow, you can deselect any pages you manage that you don’t want to connect to Help Scout. Uncheck to disconnect. 
Your final step is to select your page in the Facebook Page drop down under the Integration Settings. 
And that’s it! You’re connected!

Common Questions

I have to buy another tool? How much is that going to cost?
Smooch’s pricing structure is by message, including 50 messages per month and one integration on the free plan. Smooch defines integrations as connections to tools like Help Scout, but considers Facebook Messenger, Twilio, and all of the other messaging Apps it supports as channels. You can add as many channels as you want, even on the free plan. 
What about Twitter? 
Twitter direct messages are also in Smooch! As for Tweets, we’re not in love with the way other help desks handle social integrations, particular for standalone Tweets or Facebook wall posts. They typically bring in a lot of brand noise like blogs posts and retweets you don’t want clogging up your support queue. Buffer Reply is a great tool for managing your community in tandem with social support, without the unnecessary bulk in your queue. 
Can this bring in Facebook wall posts?
The Smooch integration only pulls in Facebook Messenger conversations. Like Twitter, Buffer Reply will also bring in Facebook wall posts!
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