How to find headers in Google Groups

If you're using a G Suite Group (Apps for Work or Business) to catch and forward messages to your Help Scout mailbox, it may be necessary to troubleshoot message delivery issues from time to time. For example, if you're unable to find a message from a customer in Help Scout, but the customer is sure they sent you an email. 

Whenever a message is "missing" from Help Scout, we can use the original email headers to search for the message in our mail logs. This article talks about how to locate messages headers in Google Groups. 

Running email reports in G Suite


Log in to your G Suite account. You'll need to be an administrator to access the reporting section of G Suite. Click on the Settings button, then click on Manage this domain from the drop down menu. 


From the Admin console, click on the Reports icon. 


Expand the Audit menu in sidebar to the left, then click on the Email Log search option. 


On the search page, select the date range you'd like to search, the enter the customer's email addresses in the Sender field. Also enter your mailbox address (and the Group address) in the Recipient field. Hit the Search button to start the search process (it could take awhile). 


If there are any matching results, they'll appear in a table on the search results page. You can see the subject of the sent message, the date and time it was sent, and the sender. Click on the subject for more details. 


Looking at the message details, we can see that the customer sent a message from Gmail, and it was successfully delivered to the Google Group. If you don't see the corresponding message in your Help Scout mailbox, copy the Message ID field below and send us an email. We'll take it from there! 

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