Workflow templates and scenarios

Workflows are one of the most complex and powerful features in Help Scout, and they can take some finesse to master. Here are some examples that you can copy, modify, or just be inspired by.

Sort conversations by inbound email address

Are you forwarding multiple email addresses (aliases) into a single Help Scout mailbox? Using the TO: condition in a workflow allows you to act on conversations based on which address the email was originally sent to. As an example, if you forward to your mailbox, you might want to auto-assign sales conversations to a specific teammate. 

Keep tabs on conversations when satisfaction ratings are received

This setup makes it easy to follow-up on good (and bad) satisfaction ratings. In our example, we're flagging conversations that received a bad rating with comments, so we can send a follow-up email sooner rather than later. 

Filter conversations by text included in the body of an email

There are many use cases for this one, but let's focus on one of the more common scenarios. If you're sending contact form submissions to Help Scout, field selections are likely included in the body of the email when the form is submitted. With the BODY condition, you can look for those specific options and sort conversations as you see fit. You can filter either by customer messages, or notes left by other Help Scout Users. 

Our example Workflow is looking specifically for the "Confirmation order email" text contained in the body of the email above. We're going to add a tag, copy it over to the Confirmation Emails folder, and assign it to a teammate to follow up on. 

Stay organized by filtering conversations without a specific tag

Using the TAGS "does not contain" operator allows you to act on conversations that do not have a specific tag. This is useful for isolating conversations that should have a specific set of tags, but one might be missing. You can also get creative with your reminders and notifications based on conversations that don't have a specific tag.

Keep track of priority conversations with tags and folders

In our example below, anytime a conversation is tagged with "high-priority", it's automatically copied to a "High Priority" folder, and an email notification is sent to a specific person. You can get creative with tag and folder combinations based on your priority or escalation needs. 

Send a follow-up email to the customer after a specific time period

Ideal just as a quick reminder that you're waiting on a reply from a customer. 

Copy tagged conversations to folders

Allows you to quickly sort conversations by issue or topic in to folders. You can combine tags to keep track of multiple issues in one folder if needed.

Escalate conversations based on goal response times

Helpful for keeping tabs on conversations that fall outside of your ideal response times/SLAs. In our example below, the workflow is acting on conversations that haven't received a reply from the customer or the User in 6 hours. You can also check out more in-depth examples here.

Filter specific notifications 

If you receive notifications from something like PayPal or eBay or anywhere else, you might want to keep those in your Help Scout account, but they probably don't need to clog up your Unassigned queue. 

Auto-assign conversations from customers to a specific team member

Certain team members might work with certain customers. Use a workflow to auto-assign conversations from a specific email address or domain to a specific person. 

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