Gather feedback with Satisfaction Ratings

Customer satisfaction ratings allow your customers to rate your replies with just a click or two. This article is all about the Satisfaction Ratings feature in Help Scout.

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Enable ratings per mailbox

Satisfaction ratings are mailbox-specific and are disabled by default. To enable ratings, head over to  Mailbox Settings → Satisfaction Ratings, and flip the switch to ON. Once enabled, ratings links are attached automatically above your signature. 

Editing ratings text

You can customize the ratings using the text editor. For example, you can switch over to the HTML editor by clicking on the </> icon to edit the text, or the color of the links. Hit the blue Save button when you're done jazzing it up. 

Signature templates 

Not a fan of plain links? We've whipped up a few simple templates to use instead. Just copy and paste the code below in to the HTML </> editor. 

We know it might be tempting to throw a few of your own super cool ratings images in the signature, but keep in mind that images in signatures are often blocked by local mail clients. Additionally, using too many images might cause your reply to be marked as spam. 

How would you rate my reply?
<img src="" width="100" height="40" alt="Satisfaction Rating Icons" usemap="#rating-icons">
<map name="rating-icons">
  <area shape="rect" coords="0,0,28,40" href="{%ratings.great%}" alt="Great">
  <area shape="rect" coords="36,0,64,40" href="{%ratings.okay%}" alt="Okay">
  <area shape="rect" coords="72,0,100,40" href="{%ratings.bad%}" alt="Not Good">

How would you rate my reply?
<img src="" width="200" height="30" alt="Satisfaction Rating Tabs" usemap="#rating-tabs">
<map name="rating-tabs">
  <area shape="rect" coords="0,0,54,30" href="{%ratings.great%}" alt="Great">
  <area shape="rect" coords="62,0,111,30" href="{%ratings.okay%}" alt="Okay">
  <area shape="rect" coords="120,0,200,30" href="{%ratings.bad%}" alt="Not Good">

<a href="{%ratings.url%}" style="color:#15c;"><strong>Rate My Reply</strong></a>

How customers rate replies

Your customers can quickly rate your replies by clicking the ratings links included in your signature. Once a rating link is selected, they'll be directed to another page to leave an optional comment. Ratings without comments are still saved even if the customer does not hit the Send button. 

Each reply sent to the customer can be rated only once, but multiple replies in a single conversation can be rated. For example, if the User sends 5 replies to the customer, the customer has the opportunity to rate all 5 replies. 

Translate the ratings page

From the Satisfaction Ratings settings section, flip over to the Translate tab to translate the English terms and phrases seen on the ratings page to another language. Only one set of translations is currently supported. 

Happiness report

Individual ratings are automatically funneled in to the Happiness report. You can run this report at any time to get a handle on how happy your customers are with the level of support being provided. To learn more about the Happiness report, see this article

App notifications

We updated all our team chat apps (Campfire, Hall, HipChat, Kato and Slack) so that you can push Satisfaction Ratings to a room as they come in. To turn them on, open the app's settings in Help Scout and check the box labeled, "Satisfaction Rating Received."

Common questions

Can I choose when to send a ratings request? 
Negative. Ratings links are sent automatically with each reply. It's currently not possible to selectively send a request for ratings.

How often can customers rate replies?  
Customers have 10 days to rate replies. After the 10 day mark, they'll no longer be able to submit new ratings, or change existing ratings. 

Can I delete ratings once they've been submitted? 
Ratings cannot be edited or deleted from the thread or Happiness report once submitted. 

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