Use FollowUpThen to Set Reminders

FollowUpThen is a super simple email reminder service, and works wonderfully alongside Help Scout. All you need to do is add a specific FollowUpThen email address to the CC or BCC fields when replying to a conversation. 

This integration doesn't require installation in Help Scout and is automatically included on all plans.

How it Works

Set up a reminder by adding a FollowUpThen email address to the Cc or Bcc field, specifying the time frame for your follow-up reminder by the email address you use. 

For example, add in the Bcc field to set up a reminder for that conversation in 2 days. 

Check out FollowUpThen's documentation for more information on the different email addresses and time formats you can use: Time Formats.

Note: The first time you use FollowUpThen, if you do not already have an account registered with your Inbox address, you'll receive a separate email asking you to confirm your email address and agree to their terms and services. The reminders will not work until you have completed that confirmation by clicking the link in that email and this will register you for their free service. More about their plans here: FollowUpThen Features.

What Happens Next

FollowUpThen will send an email reply to confirm that they received your reminder request. This reply becomes a note on the conversation and will set the conversation to Active if you had set it to Closed or Pending. You can use the links in this confirmation to Edit or Cancel the reminder as well. 


Create a Workflow to automatically re-close the conversations if you don't want to process these confirmations manually! Check out Get Started With Workflows if you're new to that feature. 

  • If ... Body Notes Contain FOLLOWUP SCHEDULED FOR 
  • AND Status is equal to Active
  • Then ... Change Status to Closed

FollowUpThen sends another email when the time you set is up. This is also added as a note to the conversation, and again sets the conversation status to Active.

Click the links in the reminder to postpone it — FollowUpThen will send a reply again when that postponed time expires. 

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