Create folders to organize conversations

Folders in Help Scout define conversations based on specified condition(s). In other words, a folder is a custom view of conversations that already exist in one of your other top-level folders. This article will help you create your first folder.

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Why folders are helpful

Folders are great for sorting conversations as they roll in to Help Scout. You can easily keep tabs on specific topics or problems, and follow them through to resolution.

Folders are created via Workflows, so you can modify conditions to look for just about any conversation in your mailbox. Feel free to experiment with different conditions, and give us a shout if you get stuck along the way.

Note: Conversations that appear in a folder view have not been moved, so they remain visible in both locations. In other words, you'll never lose a conversation when you remove it from a folder.

Creating a folder

Remember, you'll need to create a Workflow to copy conversations to a folder. Workflows and folders are mailbox-specific. In the example below, conversations with the tag  urgent in the subject will be copied automatically to a folder.

Open a mailbox and head over to Mailbox SettingsWorkflows.
Set this one up as Automatic and give it a name.
Add a couple of conditions. We're using:
Tag  Is equal to urgent AND Status Is equal to  Active.
On the Actions page, select Copy to Folder from the drop-down menu. Give the folder a name and set your visibility options. You can select from everyone, just you, or specific people.
Activate the workflow and head back to your mailbox overview page. If you have matching conversations, you’ll see a brand new folder pop-up on the sidebar.

Common questions

Can I drag and drop a conversation in to a folder?
It's currently not possible to drag conversations in to folders. You'll have to use either a manual or automatic Workflow to move conversations to a folder.

Why am I seeing a The folder listed below has been taken by another workflow error?
Unfortunately, you can't copy conversations to a folder that's created via another Workflow. If you're seeing that error, it means that you have a separate Workflow already using that particular folder.

My folder counts seem off. What gives?
You might notice some inconsistencies with folder counts if a Workflow is still running and copying conversations to the folder. If you've given it a bit of time and the numbers still seem off, get in touch and we'll manually refresh your folder counts.

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