AI Summarize

BETA AI Summarize will give you a summary of a conversation with a single click and is our first OpenAI powered tool to help your team focus on providing top-notch support.

AI Summarize is available to all users on current Plus and Pro plans, except those using the HIPAA compliance feature.  

Use AI Summarize

Click into any conversation, make sure the conversation panel is open on the left, and you'll find the AI Summarize button at the top — just click it to create a summary. Yes, it's really that simple!

This allows anyone to get a quick overview of a conversation without having to read through the whole exchange — this can be useful for handing off a conversation to another teammate, for coaches looking to get the gist of a conversation when doing quality reviews, or for teams other than support that are checking in on conversations. 

A few notes about using AI Summarize

  • The feature is still in beta, meaning we're still working on the finer details, and you might see some errors occasionally. 
  • The summaries can be inaccurate or misleading. If something doesn't seem quite right in the summary, review the conversation to verify the details. 
  • You can request a summary of conversations in many different languages, but the summary itself will always be in English. 
  • This feature is only available in the web browser-based app at this time. 
  • The summary will not automatically update when there are new replies in the conversation, but you'll see an option to Update Summary whenever there are new replies. 

Don't want AI Summarize?

If your organization doesn't want this feature, just have your Account Owner reach out to let us know, and we'd love to know why you want it disabled as well. We'll be happy to make that change.

Powered by OpenAI 

AI Summarize is powered by the OpenAI API service. The conversation data used to generate the summaries in Help Scout is not used by OpenAI to train their model, but the data will be stored by OpenAI for up to 30 days. 

This tool does not submit data to train OpenAI on your organization's behalf. It is only used to generate conversation summaries within Help Scout.

Have you given it a go?

AI Summarize is still in beta which means we're actively working on improvements and we'd love to get your feedback! Give us a shout with any questions or comments you'd like to share — we'd especially like to hear how you're finding this useful for your team!

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