Add Beacon to a Wix site

Wix allows you to create beautiful websites to showcase your business without much more effort than a drag and drop. Beacon provides on demand FAQs, chat, and an email contact rolled into one helpful widget you can plug right into your Wix site. If you built and host your website on Wix, embedding Beacon is as easy as a simple copy + paste into the head code, found in the Tracking and Analytics settings with Premium accounts and the Tracking and Analytics app.

Before you dive in!

Have you set up a Mailbox? You'll need to set up a Mailbox before you get started with Beacon. You can read our guide on how to set up your first Mailbox here.


Launch the Beacon builder under Manage → Beacon to create your all-in-one embeddable chat, email contact, and knowledge base widget. Customize to match the color scheme of your Wix site, and decide if you want to use for Email, Docs, Chat, or a any combination of those three! 


Once you’ve got your Beacon just the way you want it, copy the embed code. You can continue to tweak your Beacon in Help Scout, and all updates will be automatically reflected on your website as they are saved. 

In Wix, you'll need to be in the Wix Editor, not ADI. Switch to the Wix Editor under Site  → Go to Wix Editor.

In the Wix Editor, head to Settings and choose Tracking and Analytics (It's weird, yes, but just go with it). You'll need to be on the Unlimited Paid Annual plan or above to get Tracking and Analytics.

In Tracking and Analytics, click + New Tool and select Custom </>

Paste the code you copied in step 2 into the box reading Paste code snippet here. If you no longer have it copied, you can find it in your Beacon Settings under </> Installation. Name your Beacon (so you'll remember what code you pasted there later), apply it to the pages you want your Beacon to appear on, and make sure Head Code is selected. Press Apply.

Important Note: Your Beacon will not appear in the Wix editor or Wix Preview. You will need to Save and Publish your site, and view Beacon on your live site.

Save and Publish your site. To view your Beacon, visit your live site after publishing.

Want to learn more about Beacon? Check out our jumpstart guide
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