Add Beacon to a Wix site

Wix allows you to create beautiful websites to showcase your business without much more effort than a drag and drop. Beacon provides on demand Docs, chat, and an email contact form rolled into one helpful widget you can plug right into your Wix site.

If you've built and hosted your website on Wix, embedding Beacon is as easy as a simple copy and paste!  Note that your Wix site must be on a paid plan to access to the Custom Code block. Check in with Wix support for help if you aren't able to access the Custom Code Marketing Tool. 


Create a new Beacon, or head to the Installation tab for an existing Beacon, and grab the embed code. Just click the Copy button to get that code on your clipboard. 

Head into the Site Editor in Wix.  Click the Plus sign to add elements to your site, then choose Embed, Marketing Tools, then Custom Code
Click Add Code in the Body - End section of the Dashboard that opens. Paste the Beacon installation code that you copied at step 1 into the Paste the code snippet here: box, name it something that you'll recognize later, and choose if you want it to be added to All pages or selected pages. Click Apply. Close the Dashboard by clicking the X in the top right corner. 


Publish your site, then go take a look at the live site to see your Beacon in all its glory! 

Important Note: Your Beacon will not appear in the Wix editor or Wix Preview but will appear on your live site after you've published it! 

If you want to try your hand at adding some of the features of the Beacon JavaScript API, you'd pop that code into the same spot in your Wix site. Check out Advanced Beacon Customization for some ideas on what's possible! 

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