Messages is a feature of Beacon that allows you to surface targeted messaging when and where you want it. Messages can help you meet goals like increasing engagement with clients and customers, or surface helpful articles to improve the self-serve experience on your site or app.

Messages is included in Standard, Plus, and Company plans.

Looking for ideas and inspiration for using Messages? Messages Use Cases and Scenarios has a lot to offer!

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Create a Message

There are many different options when you create a Message. The example we're using here will appear the first time that anyone visits a page with the J&G Clothing Help Beacon. The Message will show a button that will take the visitor to a specific page.


Head to Manage > Beacons and select the Beacon you want to use. Click Messages on the left sidebar menu then click Create Message.

Don't see Messages as an option in the Beacon menu? Messages is not available on a Basic plan or legacy Standard and Plus plans. To move to a plan that includes Messages, your Account Owner can upgrade to a current Standard or Plus plan from Your Plan.


Give your Message a name, set a title and subtitle if you wish, then enter the main text of the Message you'd like to display. To check out the styles you can add to your text, see the next section: Style Your Message.


Select the Action you want to take and define the button text. Check out Messages Actions, Events, and Audience for more details on each Action.

A preview of your Message will show on the right side of your screen as you fill in these fields.


Click Next to advance to the Events page. Choose First visit to show your Message to visitors the first time they land on a page with your Beacon. Head over to Messages Actions, Events, and Audience for more detail on each available event.


Click Next to advance to the Audience screen. To show the message to all visitors on the first visit, choose Everyone. See Messages Actions, Events, and Audience for more information on the Audience options. 


Click Next to advance to the Review screen. Use the Back link to go back to make any changes. When you're ready to make your Message live, toggle Visibility on and click Start.

Style Your Message

Add an image

New Click the image button in the bottom left corner of your Message body to upload an image — and yes, animated gifs are supported! Images will automatically be resized to fit. 

Style Your Text

You can add some styling to make your Message really pop! Highlight the text you want to format, and an action menu will appear with the options.  

Messages can also support the following markdown formatting if you'd rather style as you type:

Wrap your text in **, or highlight the text and hit Cmd+B (Ctrl+B on Windows)

Wrap your text in *, or highlight the text and hit Cmd+I (Ctrl+I on Windows)

Wrap your text in ++, or highlight the text and hit Cmd+U (Ctrl+U on Windows)

Wrap your text in ~ (tilde), or highlight the text and hit Option+Cmd+S (Alt+Ctrl+S on Windows)

Link Text
Wrap your text in brackets and then follow it immediately with the URL in parentheses. For example, [The Help Scout Blog]( would give you The Help Scout Blog.

Start a line with > (the greater than symbol) to set quoted text. 

Wrap your text in ` (backticks) to display it as code. 

Manage Messages

On the Messages page, your Messages will be listed in order from most recently created to oldest. If you have multiple active Messages, we'll show the visitor one Message at a time, starting with the most recently created. Once a Message has been shown to a visitor, it will not be shown again.

To pause an active Message, select the Message from the main message list, choose Edit, then toggle the status on the Customize or Events pages. Similarly, a paused Message can be re-activated by toggling the status to Active.

Keep Track of Contact from Messages

A conversation that originates from a customer action on a Message will show the click in the Beacon History. For example, if we set our Banana Pre-orders Message to Start a Chat as its action and a customer clicks that button, when the chat concludes Beacon History on the transcript will include a line showing that action.

Use the text in that note to search for conversations that began with your Message or set up Workflows to automate actions like sorting those conversations into folders, tagging the conversations as they come in, or sending out a follow up email to the customer.

Show Messages Without Showing Beacon

You do have to install the Beacon embed code on your site in order to show Messages, but you don't have to show that Beacon if you don't want a corner widget hanging around!

Just set your Beacon button style to Hidden in the Beacon builder: 

The Beacon is silently loaded with your site, but the corner widget for Beacon doesn't display. Your Messages will still pop when your visitor should see them based on your criteria even though the Beacon isn't showing on the page. 

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