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Messages is a feature that allows you to surface targeted messaging when and where you want it. Messages can help you meet goals like increasing engagement with clients and customers, putting helpful articles in a click's reach to improve the self-serve experience on your site or web-based app, and even gathering feedback or running NPS® surveys.

Messages with up to 2,000 unique viewers a month is included in Standard, Plus, and Pro plans. Take a look at Messages Pricing for more details on the viewer pricing. 

Looking for more information on what Messages can be for your team? Check out Explore Messages for an overall primer and links to examples for your industry. 

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Types of Messages and How to Create Them

We've added a lot of variety to the types of Messages you can create, making it quick and easy to add a banner or survey — even NPS® — anywhere your Beacon is installed. Below you'll find a brief description of each type, along with an example and a link to step-by-step instructions to get started building them on your own. 


Pop up information using text and images or videos right where you want it in your site or web-based app, and offer a call to action by linking out to a website, opening a Docs article, or reaching out to your team. 

Check out Create a Standard Message if you'd like a step-by-step on setting one up. 


Messages now allows you to run Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys with clients and customers. Find out if your customers are ready to sing your praises! 

Check out Create an NPS® Message for a step-by-step guide to start gathering that data on your site or web-based app. 


Ask for feedback on anything right from your site or web-based app and keep customers engaged with fun ways to answer using faces or emojis, in addition to the old standards of text replies.

Check out Create a Microsurvey Message for a step-by-step guide to running your own microsurveys in your site or web-based app. 


When you really need to grab their attention, a modal Message will do the trick! Pops over your site or web-based app's content and the viewer has to take an action to continue. Use formatted text and images to make it really sing. 

Check out Create a Modal Message for a step-by-step guide to start getting the attention you need. 


Use a banner Message to offer up quick note or alert and a call to action across the top of your site or web-based app. The banner will push your content down, not cover it, and can use a variable to greet your customers by name, or grab their attention with emojis and formatted text. 

Check out Create a Banner Message for a step-by-step guide to let your customers know what's going on. 

Manage Messages

Head to Messages from the top menu and you'll find a list of all of your active Messages, grouped by the Beacon they're attached to, along with some performance metrics. For more information on the reporting you find here, check out Messages Performance Reports

Edit a Message

Click on any Message in the grid to head to that specific Message's page, then click Edit Message. (Note: You'll skip having to click Edit if your Message is still in Draft status, you'll head right to the editor instead.)

Step through the same pages as shown above to create a Message

Note: You cannot change the options for the Respond to a Survey Action on Microsurveys once the message has started. To use a different survey type you must create a new message.

Paused Messages

Messages that you set to Paused status do not show in the grid by default. You will see a link to click to show paused Messages at the end of each list for each Beacon, if there are any. 

Control the Order of Display

Click on a Message and hold to drag it in the order you want to show to your visitors. This decision point happens when multiple Messages match a visitor and you're using the First visit or Sequence of events event types. 

Pause, Copy, or Delete a Message

Hover over a Message to find the 3 dot option menu at the end of the row. Click the 3 dots to find the choice to Pause, Copy, or Delete the message.

You can also click into a Message and find the options to Pause, Copy, or Delete the message in the pull down menu next to the Edit Message button. 

Note: Deleting a Message also deletes all of its history and is permanent — there is no option to restore a deleted Message. 

Keep Track of Contact from Messages

A conversation that originates from a customer action on a Message will show the click in the Beacon History. For example, if we set our Looking for something? Message to New Conversation as its action and a customer submits the contact form in Beacon, the Beacon History in the conversation note will show that click.

Use the text in that note to search for conversations that began with your Message or set up Workflows to automate actions like sorting those conversations into folders, tagging the conversations as they come in, or sending out a follow up email to the customer.

Show Messages Without Showing Beacon

You do have to install the Beacon embed code on your site in order to show Messages, but you don't have to show that Beacon if you don't want a corner widget hanging around!

Just set your Beacon button style to Hidden in the Beacon builder: 

The Beacon is silently loaded with your site, but the corner widget for Beacon doesn't display. Your Messages will still pop when your visitor should see them based on your criteria even though the Beacon isn't showing on the page. 

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