Messages is an add-on feature to Beacon that allows you to surface targeted messaging when and where you want it. Messages can help you meet various goals like increasing engagement with clients and customers, or surface helpful articles to improve the self-serve experience on your site or app.

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Add Messages

Messages is available as an add-on for Standard and Plus plans for an additional fee of $50/month. Help Scout Administrators and Account Owners can start a trial for the add-on by visiting the Messages tab in Beacon settings for any of your existing Beacons. Click Start a Free Trial there. 

Account Owners can head to  Your Plan → Add-ons to select the Messages add-on Free Trial as well. 

Create a Message

There are many different options when you create a Message. The example we're using here will appear the first time that someone visits a page with the J&G Clothing Help Beacon. The Message will show a button that will take the visitor to a specific page. 


Head to Manage → Beacons and select the Beacon you want to use. Click Messages on the left sidebar menu then click Create Message


Give your Message a name, set a title and subtitle if you wish, then enter the main text of the Message you'd like to display. 


Select the Action you want to take and define the button text. Check out Messages Actions and Triggers for more details on each Action. 

A preview of your Message will show on the right side of your screen as you fill in these fields. 


Click Next to advance to the Triggers page. Choose On the first visit to show your Message to visitors the first time they land on a page with your Beacon. Head over to Messages Actions and Triggers for more detail on each available trigger. 


Click Next to advance to the Review screen. Use the Back link to go back to make any changes. When you're ready to make your Message live, toggle Visibility on and click Start

Manage Messages

On the Messages page, your Messages will be listed in order from most recently created to oldest. If you have multiple active Messages, we'll show the visitor one Message at a time, starting with the most recently created. Once a Message has been shown to a visitor, it will not be shown again. 

To pause an active Message, select the Message from the main message list and toggle the status on the Customize or Trigger pages. Similarly, a paused Message can be re-activated by toggling the status to Active. 

Common Questions

Is there any reporting on Messages available?
Coming soon - our team is hard at work on this now! You'll be able to monitor the performance for each Message individually when it's ready.  

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