Messages Performance Reports

You've set up a Message — or a bunch of Messages — and you'd like to know how effective they are. We offer some basic performance information that allows you to get a quick view of what's happening with your Messages. 

Choose Messages from the top menu to check out your numbers.

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Metric Definitions

Unique Viewers
When any visitor loads your Beacon in your website or app, we use local storage to track that they've loaded it, assigning that visitor and device what we call a beaconDeviceID that allows us to identify a unique visitor. Note: This does not track any personal information! It is simply a record that the Beacon has been opened on the device they're using. 

That unique visitor will become a unique viewer when any one of your Messages is shown to any beaconDeviceID. You can show that one unique viewer 5 different Messages, or 20 different Messages, during the month, and that is just one unique viewer. 

The total number of times Messages have been shown.

The total number of times visitors clicked the button on your Message. This only records the clicks of the Messages button, not links within the Message body. You will not see this metric if your Message doesn't include a button action. 

Click Rate
The number of clicks divided by the number of views gives you your click rate percentage. 

Aggregate Data

At the top of the Messages page, you'll find the numbers for all active Messages across all Beacons for the last 30 days. 

Individual Message Data

Scroll down on the Messages page to see Views and Clicks on each individual Message in a grid, divided by each Beacon. 

Click on any individual Message to find a graph of the data. 

Click on the text Last 7 Days next to Performance to choose a different relative time period for your view for that individual Message. 

Mouse over the chart to view a single day during your selected time frame. 

NEW Survey results will appear below the graph if you set the Action to Respond to a Survey. Hover over the results to see more detail. 

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