Create a Conversation With Pre-filled Data

You can pre-fill the customer email address, Cc/Bcc lines and the subject line on the New Conversation page by adding a few things to the URL. Here's an example:[INBOX-SLUG]/new-ticket/?name=Thomas+Anderson&,

This would create an email to Thomas Anderson, set the email address as and set the subject as Help Scout is the best. It will also fill in the CC field with one email and the BCC field with two emails. Separate each email in the CC/BCC fields with a comma.

None of the five fields are required, so you can fill in whatever you have:[INBOX-SLUG]/new-ticket/?

This would create an email to, leaving the other fields blank. 

Fields Available

URL Parameter Field 
type Type (value can be either email or phone)
name Customer Name
email Email
phone Phone Number
cc CC
bcc BCC
subject Subject

Where's the inbox slug?

Head into the inbox and look out for the number/letter combination seen after /inboxes/ in your browser URL field.

That bit of text should replace [INBOX-SLUG] in the examples above.

How can this be used?

This feature is best used when linking to a contact from another website or application, like an internal CRM. You'd be able to click on the customer's email address and automatically create a new conversation in Help Scout, without having to fill in the details. 

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