Export Reporting Data

Need raw data for more analysis? You can export your reporting data on demand. Export options are available for the All Channels, Email, Company/User, and Happiness reports. 

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Generate an Export 

Note: Only the Account Owner and Administrators can export reporting data by default. The Account Owner or an Administrator can grant that permission to Users as well. 
Head over to the Reports menu, then select the report you want to export. In our example, we're exporting data from the All Channels report. 


Set your date range and a view if you want, then click Export/Print icon next to the date filter in the top right corner. Click Export.


Verify that the date range that shows in the modal window is the one you want to export. Select your preferred format (CSV or XLSX) and click the  Export button. 


You'll get an email at your Help Scout User email address with a link to download the report when it's ready. Click the blue Huzzah! button to dismiss the modal and just keep an eye out for that email!

Download the Export

We automatically send an email to the email address that you use to log in to Help Scout. It'll come through with a subject of Data export from Help Scout. Click on the Download button in the email to download the CSV or XLSX file. You must be logged in to Help Scout as the same user to complete the download. 

Note: The email is sent when your export request has been completed and the export is available to download. Multiple report export requests are queued and processed one at a time. Large reports with a lot of data will take a longer time to process. We will notify you if we are unable to process the export. Our support team will also receive a notification and will follow up with you from there!

Data Included

Your export will contain all data about each conversation included in your parameters, except the conversation thread contents and satisfaction rating comments. Collected data such as averages, totals, and percentages are not included in the export but you can use your favorite tools to roll up the data in the ways that suit your team best with the export! 

Note: If you're a Plus plan customer, all Custom Field values for all mailboxes appear in exported reports. The column will be entirely blank if the criteria specified for the export does not include the mailbox where those fields exist.

Conversation properties 

  • ID
  • Conversation #
  • Type
  • Assignee (referred to as owner in the API docs)
  • Status
  • Mailbox
  • Customer name (current customer)
  • Customer email address
  • Customer phone number
  • Customer profile URL
  • Thread count
  • Subject
  • Created on
  • Last modified
  • Closed on
  • Closed by
  • Tags
  • Cc
  • Bcc
  • Custom Fields and values

Reporting properties 

  • First response time
  • Replies sent
  • Avg. Response Time
  • Resolved(y/n)
  • Resolution time
  • Rating(s) 
  • Rating Comments (y/n) 

Note: Ratings comment text is not included in report exports. If you need the actual comment text in an export, just ask your Account Owner or Administrator to reach out to our support team — we're able to pull a list of all comments your team has received.

Conversations included

The conversations included in your export vary depending on the report.

Report Conversations in export
All Channels All Conversations that had activity during the period. This includes conversations that were received, replied to, had a note added, the status changed, assignment changed, or had a workflow apply, but excludes spam and deleted conversations. 
Email All email conversations that were resolved during the selected time frame.
Company Unique conversations from the Total Conversations metric across all Users listed in the report.
User/Team All conversations from the Total Conversations metric for that User or Team.
Happiness All conversations that received a rating during the selected time frame.


The times shown in XLSX exports are in UTC. Times in a CSV export will use the timezone that is set by Administrators at Manage > Company in Help Scout.

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