Connect Fivetran With Help Scout for Data Analysis

Fivetran is a service that specializes in getting data out of various services (such as HubSpot, Salesforce, or Help Scout) and putting that data into a data warehouse such as BigQuery, Redshift, or Snowflake. From there you can analyze the data directly using SQL or connect it to a Business Intelligence tool such as Looker, Chartio, or Tableau to track your metrics over time.

Help Scout has partnered with Fivetran to make it easy to get your data out of Help Scout and into a data warehouse. This integration is available on Standard, Plus, and Pro plans. 

Connect With Fivetran

Head over to Fivetran's Help Scout Setup Guide to get started. Most of the data available via Help Scout's API is accessible to Fivetran. 

You can read more and view a full schema on their Help Scout application documentation.

Click to view the full schema with a zoom option.

You can read more on our blog post announcement about the partnership: Performing Advanced Analytics on Your Help Scout Data with Fivetran.

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