Jira helps you track and resolve bugs and other issues with powerful workflows, planning features, and comprehensive search - giving your team full control of the end-to-end development of your products. The Jira integration is available on the Plus and Company plans.

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The Help Scout Jira integration unifies your support team with development efforts by creating easy access to Jira issues right from within Help Scout. Create new issues from the customer profile sidebar, or link past issues to view whenever the customer writes in.

Activation Instructions

Note: You'll need to grab a teammate who is an administrator in Jira to help you out with the installation.

If you're using Jira Cloud, you must authenticate the integration using your Jira administrator username and API token. You can create an API token following these steps from Jira. Jira Server (on-premise) users will authenticate using your Jira username and password. 

In your Help Scout account, head to Manage > Apps, and scroll down to the Jira integration. 

Click on the blue Install App button, and type in your Base URL (ie. yourcompany.atlassian.net), the Jira administrator's username, and the Jira administrator's API token. Please ensure the account has permissions to create/edit issues and modify the reporter for each project. 

To re-activate all linked conversations when the Jira issue is finished, toggle Active on Completion. This  option will set all linked Help Scout conversations as Active when the Jira issue is changed to either:
  • A status with the name Done
  • Any status that has a status category of Done. This includes the Resolved status out of the box, but can also include any custom statuses with the Done status category as well

It will appear as a note in the conversation, and will give you the opportunity to swiftly and easily follow up with customers.

Pro Tip

Create a workflow to automatically take Help Scout actions when a specific Jira issue is resolved. Look for the Jira-xx issue number in the conversation notes, then automatically email your customers that the issue has been resolved, or their enhancement request implemented.

How it Works

Upon activation, you will see the Jira app appear in the right-hand sidebar on each of your conversations.

When you click on "Link an issue", you will be able to search for existing projects and issues that exist in Jira. Type in any relevant text and the results will populate automatically. Click on the Link Issue button to sync it with the conversation in the background.

If you don't yet have any existing or relevant issues/projects, you have the option to create a brand new one right from within Help Scout. The new issue form will also dynamically import any required fields that you have in Jira based on the options that you select.

After you've finished linking or creating an issue, you will then see it populate in the right-hand sidebar under the Jira section.

For quick reference, you can view all of the Help Scout conversations in Jira that are linked to a particular issue when viewing the issue details section. You can also click on each individual link and it will direct you to the conversation in Help Scout.

The issues created from the Jira app will follow the timezone set up in your Help Scout profile.

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