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If you're using Docs, your customers are likely reading through your help articles before getting in touch. The  Docs report helps you understand what your customers are searching for, what they're finding and not finding, as well as what percentage of customers are still sending an email after browsing.

How many people are visiting our Docs site? 

Take a look at the Visits count. If it's lower than expected, you might consider adding a link to your Docs site in your email signature, to an email blast, or just changing where the Docs link is located on your website. If your goal is to drive customers to do a bit of digging before contacting support, your Docs site should be visible and easily accessible. 

Are customers finding what they're searching for? 

The Failed searches table shows you a list of common terms and search phrases your customers are using to search for articles. If you start to see a trend in failed searches, or high counts for certain terms, it might be time to write more articles, or simply re-word some of your article titles to make them more specific. It's also worth adding keywords to your articles to boost them in search results. 

Overall, are customers successful when visiting our Docs site? 

It's very helpful to know if the majority of customers are finding answers, failing or sending an email. This little graph tells you just that. If customers are sending tons of messages after looking through your articles, it might be time to re-write some of that content if they're asking for clarification. 

Which articles are getting the most love? 

Keeping tabs on your top performing articles is a good way to identify what your customers are reading.  Should so many people be reading the same article, or would it be wiser to make that topic or feature more clear somehow within your product or on your website? On the flip side, you might look at this table and decide that these articles are doing their job, so there's some incentive to keep them fresh as your product or service evolves. 

What sources are included in the Docs report? 

The Docs report reflects all views and searches performed on your Docs site. Beacon searches are included in the Popular Searches and Failed Searches tables, but do not count towards Visits, Top Articles, or Top Categories. If your team is using the Docs search bar in the reply editor, those searches are not included.

Searches done via the API are also not included in the report. If you want to include viewing activity for articles served via the API, call the Update View endpoint. Views registered using that endpoint will be included in both the Top Articles and Top Categories tables.

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