Send article links via the Docs search bar

The Docs search bar is a nifty tool that will help you quickly locate, review, and link articles to a customer while working in a conversation. This article talks about working with the Docs search bar.

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Enabling Docs search

To enable Docs search in a mailbox, head to a conversation and select the More Options menu. Click Toggle Docs Search to enable or disable it for the mailbox you are in! 

Searching for articles

Once Docs search is turned on for the mailbox, you'll see the search bar appear at the top of a conversation. To enable or disable the search bar, click the More Actions icon and select Toggle Docs Search from the dropdown menu.

As you type within the search box, the Docs integration will suggest articles from your knowledge base. For example, in the image above, we're searching for our article about how to purchase a gift card.

When replying to a conversation, you'll notice a new Insert Linkicon to the right of the search result. Clicking this icon will automatically insert a formatted link to the article into your reply. If you'd like to reference or link to a private or internal article, you'll find a Copy URLicon to the right of the search result instead that will automatically copy the direct article URL to your clipboard. 

Note: You can navigate the search results using the keyboard arrow keys. If you're searching while replying to a conversation, just highlight the article, then press the spacebar to insert the article link in to your reply.

Preview or edit the article

If you'd like to give the article a quick read-through before sending it to your customer, just click on a search result. You'll see the article open in a pop-up window, where you'll be able to read and edit the article if needed, or insert a link to the article into your reply. Clicking on the Next or Previous arrows will take you forward or backward in your search results.

Insert content from internal articles from the Docs search bar

Sometimes you need to share insider information with a customer, prospective partner, or new hire. Since internal articles require a Help Scout login, it isn't possible to quickly drop or share internal article content via Link from the Docs Search Bar. Instead, use the Insert Content option to help ease sharing forms, files, and any content you might otherwise want to keep a little closer to the chest.

Help Scout - Insert private Docs articles

You can use internal collections for any saved replies you need to share across Mailboxes. Since Docs content is accessible from the Docs Search Bar from any Mailbox, just save the reply content in an internal collection, and drop it into the Reply Editor just like you would a Saved Reply. The editor will pick up any variables used.

Common questions

How often are articles indexed?
Indexing occurs in real time. If you edit and publish an article, those changes will be reflected in a relevant Docs search.

How does the auto-suggest work?
We match content by comparing your search query with both article titles and content.

Can I enable the search bar in multiple mailboxes?
Absolutely. The search bar appears in mailboxes selected on the Docs setup page.

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