Connect Channels to a Help Scout Inbox

You know that your customers want you to meet them where they are, but that means that you need to have your team ready to respond in a number of different apps, because your customers are everywhere!

Add channels to your Help Scout Inbox to bring all of those conversations into one location making it effortless for your team to keep up without having to switch apps.

Channels are available for all current plans. You must be an Account Owner or Administrator to add or manage channels. See User Roles and Permissions for help there.

Note: You will need to upgrade to a current Plus plan to add channels if your account is on a legacy Plus plan. More information about legacy plans is here: Legacy Plan Changes

Add a Channel

Head to Manage > Inbox(es) > [Choose Your Inbox]. Scroll down to find the Channels section and click Connect for the channel you want to add.

For more help connecting your channel, see the article for the specific channel below:

Manage or Disconnect Channels

Head to Manage > Inbox(es) > [Choose Your Inbox]. Scroll down to find the Channels section. Click Manage next to the connected channel to make changes to your settings.

Click Disconnect to remove a channel. You will no longer receive new conversations from that channel, but conversation already in your Inbox from when the channel was active will remain unless you delete them.

We Want Your Feedback!

We have more channels in the works already, but we'd love to know more about what you want. What channels would you like to see available in Help Scout? Give us a shout to let us know!

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