User Roles and Permissions

This article explains the different User roles available and their mailbox permissions. You can change a User's role or their permissions to give them access to more or less settings and features. 

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User Roles Explained

Account Owner

The Account Owner has access to everything in your Help Scout account. Only the Account Owner can change the Help Scout plan or view and change the billing information. Each Help Scout account only has one Account Owner, and the person who signs up for the account is the Account Owner by default. If you need to pass ownership to another team member, you can transfer it within your account. 


Administrators have access to everything but the billing information. An Administrator can access the Company settings, every Mailbox and its settings, every Docs site and its settings, and every User and their settings except the Account Owner. Your Plan is accessible to Administrators to view the plan details. 


A User only has access to Mailboxes as specified by Administrators or the Account Owner. All conversations in a Mailbox that a User has access to are visible to that User but are not able to change Mailbox settings other than as noted below. They have access to create and edit articles on every Docs site, but cannot change the Docs site settings. In addition, Users are not able to create other Users or access User profiles.

Some additional permissions can be granted to all Users, as explained below.

User Permissions

On the Company settings page, you can edit some additional permissions, like whether or not:

  • Users are allowed to delete notes/conversations
  • Users are allowed to edit notes/threads
  • Users are allowed to edit/delete saved replies
  • Users are allowed to export reporting data
  • Users are allowed to manage tags
  • Users are allowed to manage workflows

If you're on the Plus plan, you can also decide whether:

  • Users are allowed to manage custom fields
  • Users are allowed to manage teams

Keep in mind whatever you select here will apply to all Users and mailboxes. 

Changing User Roles

If a User's role ever needs to be changed, an Administrator can do so at any time.

Head to  Manage > Users, and select the User's tile whose role you'd like to switch.

Once on their profile page, click on Role drop-down menu, and select the role you'd like to change it to. 

Don't forget to hit the blue Save Profile button, and you'll receive a green confirmation message that the settings have been saved!

Common Questions

Who owns a Help Scout account?
The person registered as the Account Owner is the owner. As a security measure, any permission required from the owner must come from the email address we have on file for the Account Owner. To protect your account, only the Account Owner can transfer ownership to another team member.

What happens if the Account Owner is not available?
If the Account Owner has left the company without transferring ownership, you can initiate a password reset to the Account Owner's email address and reset that password, then login as the Account Owner and transfer ownership. You may need to request access to or a reactivation of that email from your IT department or email admin. If you are unable to complete that process, give us a shout!

Who can update the credit card or change plans?
Only the Account Owner can update the payment method or make changes to the plan. 

Can I prevent Users from replying to conversations or adding notes?
If a User has permission to a mailbox, that User is able to reply to or leave notes on any conversation in that mailbox. There is no method to restrict individual conversations. 

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