Transfer Account Ownership

When you first sign up for Help Scout, your User account is automatically assigned the account owner role. As the account owner, you're the only one with access to subscription information, and the only one who can make updates to plan and payment settings.  

Transfer Account Ownership


Log in to Help Scout, then head over to Manage → Users. Ownership can only be transferred to another Administrator. Locate the profile of the Administrator you'd like to transfer ownership to, then click on the User tile. 


Click the Make User the account owner link under the Role dropdown menu.


Confirm that you'd like to proceed with the change. The new account owner will receive an email to let them know that their role has changed.

Note: The account owner is the only role that can transfer ownership to another team member. If the customer writing in isn't the account owner and needs to make the change, have the account owner send us an email from their Help Scout User address requesting the change, and we can take care of the transfer. 
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