Connect HubSpot With Help Scout to Manage Customer Data

HubSpot is the marketing hub for your business, giving you the ability to manage customers, send emails, create content and track opportunities. Connecting HubSpot with Help Scout keeps your marketing and support teams in sync!

Once connected, you can select any number of Contact or Company properties (default or custom properties you created) to display in the Help Scout sidebar. You can also pull in Latest Activity, List memberships, Workflows, and Deals associated with the person. If you need more information, opening the profile in HubSpot is only a click away.

This integration is included with the Help Scout Plus and Pro plans. It will work with any HubSpot account except Marketing Hub™ Free. 

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What It Can Do

  • Add a new conversation to the contact timeline in HubSpot
  • Add a new contact to HubSpot from Help Scout
  • Display contact activity, lists, workflows and opportunities
  • Display contact and company properties in the customer sidebar within Help Scout

Activation Instructions


In Help Scout, head over to ManageApps. Search for and select the HubSpot app, then click the blue Install button. You'll be redirected to the HubSpot log in page.


Log in to HubSpot, select the HubSpot account account you want to link with Help Scout. Only one HubSpot account can be connected via the integration.

You'll need to grant Help Scout access to your HubSpot data. Click the orange Grant Access button at the bottom of the page.


You will be back at Help Scout to finish the installation. Select the properties you want to sync and display in Help Scout. Visit the Settings and Properties tabs to make adjustments as needed. Make sure to hit the blue Save button when editing selections.

Note: If you have multiple CRM apps installed, only one of them can sync and update customer profiles on the Help Scout side. Select the Sync Profile option for HubSpot if you want HubSpot to handle the primary profile sync.


Once you've selected properties to sync and display, you'll see a new HubSpot section in the customer sidebar while viewing a conversation.


Head over to your HubSpot account and navigate to your Contacts page. Open on a customer record and check Help Scout under the Filter Activity drop-down.

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