Connect Kickstarter With Help Scout

Help Scout has a built-in integration that funnels all your customer messages from Kickstarter neatly into your Help Scout Inbox. There's no need to set up anything on the Help Scout side aside from creating a new inbox. This article is all about how to route Kickstarter notifications so that you can respond to them from Help Scout. 

Activation instructions

If you haven't already, create a new inbox in Help Scout. Make sure that your forwarding rule is setup correctly, and that messages are being received in Help Scout. 

Head over to Kickstarter. From the account Settings page, change your main Kickstarter email address to your main support address. This should be the same address as the Inbox address used in Help Scout. 


Kickstarter will send a verification email to confirm the email change. You should find this message in your Help Scout Inbox, or externally, in the mailbox that's forwarding to Help Scout. Open it up, and click on the confirmation link. 

That'll do it! Messages received in Kickstarter will be sent to Help Scout. You can respond in Help Scout, and the message will be relayed back to the customer through Kickstarter. 

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