Connect Chatra With Help Scout

Chatra is a live chat software that allows your customers to chat with you and have their questions answered in real time. Chatra enables you to engage proactively with your customers, facilitates group chats for optimum team collaboration on support, and provides chat previews for your team members to get inside the heads of your customers, viewing their chat questions before your customers hit send.

Activation instructions


Log in to your Chatra account at Click Settings in the left sidebar, then Integrations


Choose Help Scout, then click Authenticate with Help Scout.


Sign in to Help Scout if needed and click Authorize to connect Chatra.


Choose the Help Scout Inbox you want Chatra messages to flow to and click Connect. Choose Send missed and offline messages only if you don't want to store completed Chatra chats in Help Scout. 

Note: If you have enabled Chatra's Email forwarding under Settings > Preferences to go to your Help Scout Inbox, you'll want to disable that after setting up this integration to avoid getting duplicate conversations! 

To change the Help Scout Inbox in use or to disable the integration, just head back to Settings > Integrations > Help Scout

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