Connect Magento With Help Scout: View Customer Data in Sidebar

Magento is an open source, enterprise-level eCommerce platform with a product offering to suit businesses of all sizes. It gives online retailers everything they need to sell products to customers.

When you install the Magento app for Help Scout, you'll be able to import registered customer contact information, view key metrics such as lifetime value and average order value, and display 10 of your registered customers' most recent orders right in Help Scout. The current integration only supports up to Magento v1.9. Here's a quick snapshot of how it will appear in Help Scout: 

Activation instructions

This Magento integration requires an OAuth consumer. Login to your Magento Admin. From the top menu bar, click on System → Web Services → REST - OAuth Consumers. On the OAuth Consumers listing page, click the  Add New button. Give the new consumer a name, such as helpscout. Copy both the Key and Secret for use in the Help Scout integration setup, and click Save. You should leave the Callback URL and Rejected Callback URL fields empty.
Create a New OAuth Consumer
We must set up the REST API service roles for the Help Scout integration to use. From the top menu bar, click on System → Web Services → REST - Roles. Click Add Admin Role and enter Administrator and click Save Role. Click Role API Resources to the left and check each box named Retrieve and then click Save Role.
Create a New Role
Assign Role Resources
The new REST Administrator role needs to be be able to fetch order and customer attributes from the API. Click on System → Web Services → REST - Attributes. Choose the Administrator user type and then choose All for the Resource Access and click Save.
You must give the user REST API access. Click on System → Permission → Users. Click on the user that you indent to use with this intergration (usually this is your own user). Click the REST Role to the left and select the radio button in the Assigned column for the Administrator that you created in step two. Click Save User.
Assigning a REST Role
We need to set up the Help Scout integration with the Key and Secret that you saved in step one. This will allow the integration to identify itself to your server over a trusted connection. Open the integration settings page and enter both of these values and the appropriate urls for your Magento server, and then click the blue   Save button. You'll be directed to your Magento admin interface. You must choose to authorize the integration. You'll then be redirected back to the integration settings page, and your integration will be setup and running.

You can also add multiple accounts if you have several other Magento accounts you'd like to integrate into Help Scout. Click on the blue New Account link to link the new account, and follow steps #1-5. Make sure to save your settings.

Once you've saved your settings, you'll be able to label each shop to easily distinguish them within Help Scout, and will appear stacked like in the image below within the app settings view.

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