Reports: Happiness

Built around customer satisfaction ratings, the Happiness report is a simple but powerful tool used to measure customer experience. Ratings are calculated both for the help desk as a whole, and the individual team member. Evaluating satisfaction ratings and comments is an awesome way to identify trends in team performance.

Are customers happy with the support they're receiving?

Ratings alone don't answer that question entirely, but they sure do help. At a glance, the Happiness report shows you how many ratings you've received within your filtered time period, and what percentage of those ratings are Great, Okay or Not Good. You can also hover over each percentage to see an exact count. 

How can I review specific ratings? 

Take a look at the table view just below the graphs. You'll find a sorting bar that will allow you to sort conversations by rating. Keep in mind that not all conversations will have a comment. Once you click on the conversation number, it will display in a pop-up window. 

How are my team members doing individually? 

Head over to the Company report and drill down into a User report. You'll find a tab dedicated to individual Happiness ratings. You might take a moment to review really bad ratings with the team, as there is always room for improvement. 

How is the Happiness Score calculated? 

Our Happiness Score is calculated much like NPS. You take the % of Great ratings and subtract the % of Not Good ratings to get the Happiness Score.

How do we index ratings? 

Ratings are indexed by date of the thread/reply, not by date of the rating. We do this because we want to cross-reference ratings with other support metrics. For instance, you'll notice the Happiness report says something like “30 ratings from 4% of customers.” In order to get an accurate percentage of customers that rated a reply, we have to index ratings by the date of the reply, not date of the rating.

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