FullStory lets you watch DVR-like video playback of a user’s session on your website. Support and product teams get unique insight into what happened before, during and after a user filed a support ticket. When a support associate sees a usability problem or a bug, they can just pass the FullStory session URL to the folks on the production team so they can easily hone in on the problem.

The FullStory app for Help Scout shows links to the user's most recent sessions right in the ticket sidebar. The links give you one-click access to playback of the user's actions when they filed a ticket. Here's a snapshot of what it looks like in Help Scout:

Activation instructions

You'll need your FullStory API key to make the magic happen.  Log in to FullStory, click on the Settings tab in the left-hand sidebar, and then click on the Integrations & API Keys section .

Click on the API Key tab, and copy the API key to your clipboard.

Head back to Help Scout to  install the FullStory app. Paste your API Key in to the appropriate field and select which mailboxes you'd like to connect. Don't forget to hit that blue Save button when you're done.

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