PipelineDeals is a web-based CRM that helps you track and organize all the deals in your sales pipeline. With PipelineDeals, you can organize the companies, people & deals - set goals, and easily coordinate with your team to ensure they're pushed through the pipeline.

Once installed, the PipelineDeals app for Help Scout will automatically sync data between your PipelineDeals and Help Scout accounts, helping to build out and manage your business's customer base. The app also displays a customer's current pipeline value, overall lifetime value and status - as well as up to three deals & their key data points: company name, deal value, pipeline stage and expected close date. Check out the snapshot below of how it will appear below in Help Scout: 

Activation instructions 

Log in to PipelineDeals and click on the little cog icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. From the dropdown menu, select the Account Settings option. 


From the sidebar on the Account Settings page, select the PipelineDeals API option at the very bottom. Enter an email address to enable API Access & then copy the key and head over to Help Scout. 


From Help Scout, install the PipelineDeals app. Just paste your API key in to the corresponding field, select which mailboxes you'd to connect, then click on the blue Save button. 

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