Connect Keap to Help Scout to View Information in the Sidebar

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is a popular small business CRM tool that allows users to organize contacts, automate marketing and manage eCommerce inventories all in one place.

Help Scout's app for Keap brings the customer data you need directly into the customer sidebar. When you receive an email from a customer, this app allows you to: 

  • Automatically import customer contact information.
  • Pull in key metrics, such as lifetime value, and display up to 10 recent orders. 
  • Add new conversations to completed customer tasks. 
  • Add satisfaction ratings to completed customer tasks.
  • Display a wide range of fields from Keap, including addresses, appointments, opportunities, orders, and tags. 
  • Create contacts in Keap if they don't already exist.

Note: The listing in Help Scout is still called Infusionsoft by Keap and the steps below will refer to that name.

Activation instructions

Log in to your Keap account, then head to Help Scout and navigate to Manage > Apps > Infusionsoft by Keap.
Click Install App. You'll be redirected to Keap in another tab to finish the install.

Click Allow to grant Help Scout access to your Keap account.


Back in Help Scout now, review the options on the Settings and Fields tab. Fields will pull directly from Keap, so you'll see custom fields you've set up there. Select the Help Scout Inboxes in which you'd like to see the Infusionsoft by Keap sidebar, then click Save.

Note: It is only possible to link one Keap account per Help Scout account.  

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