Connect Kissmetrics With Help Scout to Track Customer Activity

Kissmetrics is an analytics tool for tracking activity throughout a customer's lifecycle. Integrating with Help Scout will allow you to track conversation actions along with the other metrics you're tracking for your customers. 

This app logs four different events from Help Scout to your Kissmetrics account:

  • Customer starts a new conversation
  • Help Scout user responds to the customer
  • Customer replies to an existing conversation
  • Help Scout user closes the conversation

Logging these events set the foundation for some great reports in Kissmetrics. Not only will you have response time, but you can start to quantify things like cost and agent productivity, and tie those metrics to specific properties that are unique to your own business.

Activation instructions

Log in to Kissmetrics. Click Settings in the top right corner, then choose Product Settings.

Look for the section of that page called Tracking API Key. Copy the key shown there to your clipboard. Note that the key shown in the examples below is not a real key and is for illustrative purposes only. 


In Help Scout, head to Manage > Apps > Kissmetrics and click Install App. Paste in the tracking API key and select which Inboxes you'd like to track. 

Click Save, and that's it! Help Scout actions in the Inboxes you selected will now be recorded in Kissmetrics. 

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