Mailchimp is an email marketing service used by companies large and small all over the world. Their product has everything your business needs to manage an email newsletter, and they give you great reporting along the way.

The Help Scout App pulls everything you need to know from the customer's Mailchimp profile right into the sidebar. You can see what lists they are subscribed to, add them to or unsubscribe them from a list, and open their Mailchimp profile in a click. Important to note, when you unsubscribe a customer from a mailing list, it works as if the customer has unsubscribed themselves

Activation instructions


Head over to the Mailchimp app page in Help Scout. Once there, click on the blue Install App button in the lefthand sidebar.


You'll then be prompted to sign into your Mailchimp account and connect via oAuth. Enter your credentials and click on the grey Log In button.


You'll be directed back to the app page in Help Scout, where you can select the mailboxes you'd like the Mailchimp integration to show up in. Once you've selected them, click  Save. You're done! Easy peasy. 

Note: At this time, it is only possible to link one Mailchimp account per Help Scout account. Additionally, when you subscribe a customer from Help Scout, only the customer's email is added to the list. 
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