Connect Slack With Help Scout to Get Notifications in Slack

Slack brings all your team communications into a central hub. In addition to group chat and instant messaging, Slack integrates with many of the services you use every day and posts automatic updates in a channel (similar to a room) of your choice.

The Slack integration allows you to post events from Help Scout (new chat received, new conversations, customer replies, etc) instantly to the channel or person of your choice. You can even map different Inboxes to different channels. Each event will have a link to the conversation in question and an @mention of the person assigned when possible. Check out the snapshot below to see how it will look in action:

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Activation Instructions

Log in to your Help Scout account. Head to Manage > Apps > Slack and click Install App.

If prompted, log back in to your Slack account and then click Allow.

Under the integration settings in Help Scout, select which events you'd like to post to Slack, then select a channel for each Inbox. Click Save before moving to another tab.

Note: Newly created Slack channels can take up to 2 hours to be displayed in the Channel menu(s) in Help Scout.

Head to the Mentions tab where you can map your Help Scout Users to their usernames in Slack. Toggle Mentions Enabled on and start selecting your teammates' Slack usernames from the drop-down menus. Make sure to hit the Save button.

Keep in mind that only conversations assigned to a User will trigger @mentions in Slack. To receive notifications for a new Unassigned conversation, select a User from the New Conversation @mention menu for that specific individual to receive New Conversation alerts in Slack.

It is only possible to link one Slack team/domain per Help Scout account.

Note: If your organization signs a BAA with Help Scout and utilizes the HIPAA compliance features, Slack notifications will not include full conversation data that might expose PHI.

Uninstall Slack Integration

Head to Manage Apps in your Slack Workspace and open any existing Help Scout apps (name may contain the word "legacy"). Click Remove App to uninstall.

Head to Manage > Apps > Slack in Help Scout and click Uninstall App.
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