Connect Nicereply With Help Scout to Gather Feedback

Nicereply is a customer satisfaction survey tool built for support teams. 

Once connected, you can measure customer satisfaction via a survey at the bottom of every email or trigger it after resolving a conversation. 

Choose from measuring Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score, or Customer Effort Score. Responses are pushed back directly to the rated conversation into Help Scout as a note and custom field values (available on the Plus plan).

The Nicereply integration allows your team to: 
  • Measure Customer Effort, Customer Satisfaction, and Net Promoter Score
  • Use In-signature surveys to ask customers for feedback at the bottom of every email. Act quickly to turn a conversation around when it starts to derail
  • Use Post-resolution email surveys to survey your customers automatically after you resolve a conversation in Help Scout. Once set, you don’t have to do a thing
  • Customize your surveys in terms of branding, visuals, survey questions, rating scales, and metrics
  • Recognize your best agents with leaderboards and drill down stats per team and agent
  • Stay on top of customer experience with regular reports and notifications delivered directly to an email inbox, or Slack / MS Teams channel

For more information on how this integration works and how to enable it, see Nicereply’s help page: Introduction to Help Scout integration
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