Hively is a great way to consistently measure customer happiness. With Hively's snippet embedded in your signature, customers can rate your response with just one click. This article will guide you through integrating Hively with Help Scout.

Activation instructions


Log in to Hively, and click on the menu next to your name in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Select Integrations from the dropdown menu.

On the next page, select Help Scout listed under the Integrations list.


You'll need to enter a Help Scout User ID for each person who has a Hively and Help Scout profile. If you're logged in to Help Scout, you can grab User IDs from this page. After you've added the User IDs to those blank text fields, click on the blue Update button.


Once the page reloads, click the Get Help Scout snippet button. Click on the Show HTML link and copy the code to your clipboard, then head back to Help Scout.


On the Hively installation page, toggle the HTML editor by clicking on the </> icon, then paste your signature code in to the Rating Text box. You can also modify where the rating appears, and which mailboxes will use your Hively ratings link. Don't forget to click the blue Save button.

After you've saved, you'll be able to see how your ratings will appear to your customers in the Rating Text field.

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