Phone Support Integration (powered by Talkdesk)

Talkdesk brings all the benefits of an enterprise-level call center to your business. It's entirely web-based and works beautifully alongside Help Scout. With Talkdesk, members of your team can take and route customer phone calls from their browser. Customer history is pulled up automatically so you can be helpful right away.

This integration enables you to keep Talkdesk and Help Scout in sync with regard to customer profile and conversation activity. If you update a customer profile in Talkdesk, that update is instantly sent to Help Scout. If the customer leaves a voicemail, it can be available in both places for a quick response. There is no installation to complete within Help Scout for this integration; you only need to activate it at Talkdesk. 

Activation Instructions


Log in to Talkdesk as an Administrator. Head over to the Admin section and click on the Integrations tab.


Find the Help Scout tile and click on  Connect.


Select the options you would like to synchronize contacts and interactions. Note that Preview Actions must be selected to be able to create conversations in Help Scout. Click on Connect Help Scout to proceed.


You will be prompted to log in to your Help Scout account. If you are already logged in, an authorization message will be displayed. Click on Authorize to complete the activation.

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