Messages: Examples for Sales & Customer Success

Want to optimize your sales funnel, or offer a more seamless onboarding process for your customers? Use Messages to book sales calls, guide new customers through account setup, increase product stickiness, or offer 1:1 coaching sessions in key areas of the onboarding journey. 

If your Sales and Customer Success team don’t typically work out of Help Scout, they can be invited as Light users and still have the ability to create and edit Messages.

Check out some of the ideas below for inspiration on these teams can leverage Messages in the customer journey. 

Accelerate onboarding

Effortlessly guide evaluating customers through account setup by suggesting the next steps every step of the way. Use the Sequence of events to ping when certain steps have been taken in your web-based app, so they always know what’s coming next.

Increase product stickiness

The more your customers explore your products, the more likely they are to stick around and spend more money with your company. Use the Sequence of events prompt to take your customers on a contextual product tour, based on actions they've taken or URLs they've visited. 

Send expiring trial notifications

Use a Manual Event to detect when a customer needs to make a buying decision soon and use the Go to URL action to direct them to the payment page.

Flag expansion opportunities

Just like accelerating onboarding, the Identify method can accelerate expansion. Start a chat with your Success team or point towards features with upsell potential once an account reaches a specific size or takes actions inside your web-based app that indicate they may be a good candidate for an upgrade.

Offer coaching sessions

When in doubt, talk it out. What better way to encourage calls with customers than to offer coaching sessions at key moments during the customer journey, like onboarding or the account anniversary. Use the Identify method to pull in information like account type, size, or stage in the customer journey, and offer coaching sessions where it makes sense. Use the Go to URL event to link to a calendar page to book a session.

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