Connect Census with Help Scout for Data Analysis

Census is a supercharged operational analytics tool that syncs data from your warehouse into all your business tools, allowing teams to act and automate with confidence. Their product makes it easy for customer success teams to do the most with their data.

Using Reverse ETL, those teams can send trusted data from their source of truth to business tools for action and automation. You can use all of the customer contexts in your data warehouse to calculate account health scores, define usage metrics, or designate VIP customers, then use Census Reverse ETL to always keep data in lockstep with your source of truth and Help Scout. 

Help Scout account owners can create custom properties like logins in the last 30 days or lifetime value, for example, to track purchases, product usage, or virtually any other metric — and use Census to keep it up-to-date for all users. Connecting Census with Help Scout empowers customer success teams with trusted data where and when they need it.

Connect With Census

Head over to to find more about their service and sign up if you need to. Then follow their guide to connect Census with Help Scout: Help Scout - Census Docs

If you have more questions about Census or need help getting things connected, reach out to the Census support team at or through their in-app chat. 

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