What's New With Annual Payments

We've updated the way we handle accounting for your annual payment. Things will look a bit different when you view Your Plan and your invoices going forward, as we've simplified how we display your annual credit and monthly deductions from that credit. While you may have never noticed how we were displaying this previously, many folks did and we were often told that it was way too confusing. 

We heard you — and agreed — so we changed it! 

What You'll See Now

You'll see what you probably expect to see, honestly. You'll make an annual payment, we'll credit your account with the amount of the payment you've made. Then each month, we'll deduct the cost of your service for the upcoming month from that credit. 

Your annual payment is calculated with the discounted rate for the number of users on the plan you've chosen, plus any add-ons (like extra mailboxes, Docs sites, or SSO/SAML capabilities) that you have at the time you make the payment. Nothing has changed there! What's different is how we're showing the credit you have from that payment in Your Plan, and the deduction each month is now calculated with the discounted rate for the number of users on your current plan, plus any add-ons at the time the monthly billing cycle runs. 

That's actually all that's changed — before we'd credit you for what would have been the full price and then each month deduct that full price from the credits, and that just made it hard for you to see what you were paying for your service. We are sorry we made things confusing before; now we're just keeping it simple! 

The other details on Annual Payments have not changed: 

  • If you don't add any new users, add-ons, or change plans, that credit will last you for a year. 
  • If you add additional users, add-ons, or upgrade your plan, we'll simply deduct more from your credit balance each month and you'll buy another bundle of credits when the ones in your account are used up. 
  • If you remove users through the year, turn off any add-ons, or downgrade your plan, your credit will last longer than a year. 

For more on the other little details of annual payments, see About Annual Payments

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