Introducing Modes and a Beacon design update

On January 29, 2019, we launched a pretty big update to Beacon that includes new features and an updated design. Let's dig into the specifics!

Introducing Modes

Every Beacon has a goal. Sometimes your goal is to talk with more customers and gather more feedback. Sometimes your goal is to push a more self-service path so customers can find answers faster. We created Modes so you can align Beacon's user experience with your goal. 

Keep in mind that Modes are only part of the mix when you have Docs and Contact (Email or Chat) enabled.

Choosing a Mode

You can select a Mode in the Beacon Builder, on the Contact tab. We have three to choose from:

  • Self Service - Visitors won't see any contact options until they've viewed at least one article or had an unsuccessful search.
  • Neutral - This mode puts Docs articles and contact options side-by-side. Visitors can choose their own adventure.
  • Ask First - This mode prioritizes the Email/Chat options first and foremost, but visitors can also access and search Docs articles in a single click.

If you created a Beacon before Jan 29, 2019, it will default to Neutral mode. New Beacons created after Modes launch will default to Self Service mode. Self Service is definitely the way to go if you'd like to increase your self-service answer rate.

Like all other Beacon functionality, you can control it with the JavaScript API. The Developer Docs will be updated on Jan 29. Modes will be coming to the mobile SDKs a little later on.

Updated fields in the Translate tab

We've introduced two new Translate fields:

  • "Start a conversation"
  • "What channel do you prefer?"

Both appear in the header of the Ask screen, outlined in pink here:

Design updates

We’ve learned a lot since launching Beacon, and this version includes an updated design with a fixed height, several performance improvements, and tons of polish:

Answers screen places more focus on your help articles

The updated design in the Answers screen displays articles in individual tiles that are more pronounced.

Previous Messages is under Ask

For a more intuitive set up, customers will find their Previous Messages under the Ask screen.

Ask screen is more intuitive and easier to reach

With 'Get in touch' gone, you can default to the Ask screen with the  Ask First mode, or customers can navigate to the Ask screen at any point.

Have any questions about the new updates? You know where to find us! 😊

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