Customize Basic and Advanced Beacon Settings

From the Customize tab, you can change some basic Beacon settings, or update a few advanced settings to get the look and feel of your Beacon just right. Let’s take a closer look at these settings. 

Basic Options

Beacon Name

The Beacon name is for internal use only. Your customers do not see the name of your Beacon when using the Beacon.

Button Style

Choose a button style that works best for you. If you want to launch a Beacon from a custom icon or text link, go with the Hidden option. You’ll need to use the Javascript API to initiate the Beacon


Click the dropdown arrow next to the color swatch to view your options.

Drop in a HEX code or move the slider around to pick a color. You’ll notice that the color of the icon and text changes automatically based on your color range. We’ve done our best to chose a complementary color palette that's accessible, so you don’t have to change individual elements in the Beacon.

Advanced Options

Display the Beacon on the left or right side of the page. Most folks opt for the right side, but you might go with a left side embed if you have another widget in the right corner of the page. 


Adding a z-index value changes the stack order of Beacon so that it’s not bumping in to other elements on the page. There’s no minimum or maximum value, and you can use negative values, too.

Help Scout Logo

Plus and Pro plan customers can toggle Help Scout branding on or off. Standard plan customers will not see this option, and you'll see a small Powered by Help Scout mark on the bottom of your Beacon. 

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