Reports: Chat

The Chat report is all about seeing volume, efficiency, and team productivity when using Beacon with live chat over time. If you don't see the chat report, it means you aren't using Beacon. Set up a chat-enabled Beacon and give it a spin! Check out Reporting Definitions and Scenarios for the scoop on how these metrics are calculated. 

Third party chat integrations will show a count in the All Channels report as chats, but will not be included in the Chat report. These metrics are available only for chats via Beacon

What does our overall chat volume look like? 

Volume of chat messages helps you plan and shape your overall support strategy. Is our chat accessible to our customers on our site or app? Are we missing opportunities to assist customers by missing chats? Chat is more popular on Thursdays, should we have more team members available to chat then? 

How long are customers waiting to be connected to our team? 

A long waiting time for a chat can definitely lead to missed chats and unsatisfied customers. Keep an eye on this number to make sure you're meeting your customers' expectations. 

How long are customers waiting for a reply in active chats?

A Response Time of more than a few minutes in chat can feel like a lifetime to the customer. If this is long, you can investigate ways to reduce that time. Take a look at Saved replies for Chat which allow your team quick and easy access to standard or simple responses. How many chat sessions are your team members trying to tackle at once? Think about reducing the Maximum Chats setting for your team - they may be spreading their focus too thin. 

How long do our chat conversations last? 

An overall high chat time might be reduced by reducing that Response Time, but take a deeper dive with the Messages per Chat metric to see if your customers just have a lot to say. 

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