Beacon Embedded Articles

Embedded Articles allow you to open a Docs Article via any link or button in your web-based app or website, where ever you may need it. There are four different attributes you can choose from to open the article in a Beacon, popover, sidebar, or modal. 

Here are some examples of when you might use Embedded Articles: 

  • Surface a specific article in a sidebar to highlight a useful tutorial.
  • Provide relevant tooltips in a modal to help your customers better understand a feature.
  • Display a quick definition in a popover to provide inline clarification in your app.

Types of Data Attributes

  • Use the data-beacon-article attribute to open the article in Beacon, just normal style.
  • Use the data-beacon-article-inline attribute to open the article in an inline popover.
  • Use the data-beacon-article-sidebar attribute to open the article in a sidebar.
  • Use the data-beacon-article-modal attribute to open the article in a modal.

Set Up Embedded Articles


To get started with Embedded Articles, you must have a Beacon embedded on your site. Not there yet? Check out our how-to guide to get started with Beacon: Create a New Beacon

Note: Setting up Embedded Articles does take some familiarity with our Beacon JavaScript API. Please work with your web developer to implement these steps. 


Once you've created and embedded a Beacon on your website, choose from one of four choices for Embedded Articles. Copy the HTML reference snippet of your choice, and plug in the Article ID.

<!-- Open Article in Beacon -->
<a href="#" data-beacon-article="ARTICLE_ID"></a>

<!-- Open Article in a popover -->
<a href="#" data-beacon-article-inline="ARTICLE_ID"></a>

<!-- Open Article in a sidebar -->
<a href="#" data-beacon-article-sidebar="ARTICLE_ID"></a>

<!-- Open Article in a modal -->
<a href="#" data-beacon-article-modal="ARTICLE_ID"></a>

You can find the Article ID in the editor URL for that article.

Head back to your site and add the HTML reference to any button or linked text you want to display your article.

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