Content Suggestions by URL

Content Suggestions by URL allow you to suggest relevant articles through Beacon depending on the page the customer is viewing. 

Adding a Custom URL

To add a new URL, click the Everywhere panel, then click the Add a URL link from the menu. In the modal that pops up, enter the URL where you want specific articles to show in Beacon. You can add up to 200 URLs per Beacon. 

Supported URL Structures

We support just about any URL structure, including relative paths. The URL must start with a forward slash (/),  http: or https: and can include wildcards (*). You can put the wildcard (*) anywhere in the URL. A relative path will use the domain of the page that is calling the Beacon. Here are a few examples of supported structures: 


Editing Content on a URL

You can edit the articles that appear on a specific URL at any time. Click the URL dropdown menu and hit the Edit button to show the current settings for that URL and make changes.

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