Manage Beacon Docs Settings

From the main Beacon settings page, click Docs in the left navigation menu to access the Docs settings. Here we'll discuss the different options for Docs in Beacon! 

Basic Settings

Enable Docs

Enable Docs to serve Docs articles in your Beacon. Choose the Docs site you want to serve in the Beacon if you have more than one Docs site. A single Beacon can only link to a single Docs site. 

Choose Display Everything to show all articles from all collections in your chosen Docs site, choose Limit to Collection(s) to only show specific collections.

Keep in mind: if you restrict collections, your team will only be able to share articles in the collections you're showing in Beacon's chat — if an article is in a collection that is not available to the Beacon and your User sends a link to that article in chat, the customer will see an error. 


Direct your customers as they view your Beacon in the path that works best for you. The Mode option only appears when both Docs and the contact form are in use. Check out Work With Beacon Modes for more detail on this feature. 

If you do not have the option to enable Docs here, you do not have any public collections in your Docs site, or you have not yet built your Docs site. Make sure you have the Docs feature turned on, you've created a Docs site, and you have at least 1 public collection in that site and then come back and try again! More help on Docs is here: Docs Collection 

Suggested Content

Suggested content lets you surface specific articles to customers when they view the Answers section in Beacon.

If you want your Beacon to always start with the Answers tab, check out Work With Beacon Modes

The options here are many, so we've split out the detailed explanation for those options into its own article.

See Customize Content Suggestions in Beacon for answers to your questions! 

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