Help Scout's Mailbox API, Docs API, Beacon JavaScript, Apps, and Open Source Tools

Help Scout offers many integrations right out of the box, but there are lots of other apps out there in the world that you might want to connect — maybe even some your team has built for yourselves.

The Mailbox API, custom apps, and open source tools are available for you to link your Help Scout account to any number of other apps or access your data for any number of other reasons. Leveraging these tools will require some developer skill in most instances, but if you can dream it, point your developers over to the documentation to see if they can build it!

The full Help Scout Developer documentation is at

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API Access

Each Help Scout plan has different levels of API access.

Plan Rate Limit Endpoint Access
Standard Up to 200 calls per minute No access to reporting endpoints
Plus Up to 400 calls per minute All endpoints available
Pro Up to 800 calls per minute All endpoints available

The developer documentation is your definitive source for complete information. will take you directly to the Mailbox API portion.

Below you'll find direct links to some of the most often asked about bits:

Our developer documentation also includes information on:

  • Webhooks - have Help Scout send out notifications of events.
  • Apps - build your own conversation sidebar apps to quickly access information from other tools your team uses.
  • Open Source tools - find community built resources like PHP, .NET, and Ruby clients, custom apps like SnoozeBot, and more!
  • Docs API - custom development for working with Docs.
  • Beacon customizations, both with JavaScript for web apps/sites and mobile SDKs for your mobile apps.

If you have any questions about the API, just let us know what you're wondering about!

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