Annual Payments

How do annual payments work?

Annual payments are assessed as an account credit. As the number of Users change over time, you're only billed for the Users you have. If you make an annual payment for 10 Users and move down to 7, your credit will last longer than a year. Likewise, if you purchase 10 Users and add more over time, the credit may run out in less than a year. We'll send you a renewal reminder 30 days before your annual prepaid credit runs out.

Note: All amounts shown are in U.S. Dollars (USD).

How much do I save on an annual subscription?

By paying annually, you'll save big each month. You can check out a breakdown of our annual subscription discounts on our pricing page.

Payment Options

Friendly reminder: Only the account owner can make changes on the Your Plan page to edit account and payment details. 

Credit Card

If you've been paying month-to-month and already have a credit card on file, you can make an annual payment right from the Your Plan page. Click the Switch to Annual button in the Billing section of the page, then Make an Annual Payment to confirm.

PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check

If you'd like to pay using PayPal, a wire transfer, or check, send us an email and we'll send you an invoice within one business day. Include how many Users you need, as well as the number of Docs sites needed. We kindly ask that invoices be paid on receipt, as your account may become inactive after 30 days without payment. For wire transfers or check payments, the minimum invoice amount is $1,000.00. 


When paying annually by credit card, we also support auto-renewing annual billing. If auto-renew is enabled, your annual renewal will be charged automatically to the credit card on file when there isn't enough prepaid credit remaining on your account. By default, auto-renew will be enabled for any new annual payments made by credit card. 

To enable auto-renew, head to the Your Plan page then toggle Auto-renew on. 

If auto-renew is disabled and there isn't enough prepaid credits remaining on your account, you'll be charged for the total payable balance. Your next monthly payment will be charged to the credit card on file at your plan's regular monthly rate.  

Annual payments made by PayPal, Wire Transfer, or Check are not eligible for auto-renew.


If for any reason, you are unhappy with your Help Scout purchase, we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you decide not to use Help Scout in your business within 30 days from your first payment, you may request a full refund. This applies to both annual and monthly subscriptions. 

Why does my invoice show the monthly cost?

When you prepay for users annually, what you're actually doing is buying credits at a discount — you get $1 of credit for less than $1. We then deduct the full monthly amount from your credit balance. 

For example, if you're on our Plus plan with one user, we'll discount your per-user cost from $40 to $35. You'll pay for a full year at the $35 price — $420. For that $420, we'll give you $480 of credit. You'll see this on your annual invoice:

Then, each month, we'll deduct $40 of that discounted credit from your $480 balance per user:

If you don't add any more users or change plans, that credit will last you for an entire year. If you add additional users, we'll simply deduct more from your credit balance each month and you'll buy another discounted bundle of credits when the ones in your account are used up. 

The discount comes when we charge your credit card, not during the monthly credit deductions. It's a little bit like Groupon — you pay $10 and in exchange you get $20 to spend at your local falafel restaurant (or help desk provider!). 

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