Payments and Invoices

The Account Owner and any users who have the Manage billing and plan changes permission can change your Help Scout subscription and payment method at any time at the Your Plan page.

See User Roles and Permissions for more on who can access the page, and Transfer Account Ownership if you need to change the owner.

This article will explain the billing information that is available in the Help Scout.

Note: All amounts shown are in U.S. Dollars (USD).

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Update Payment Details

Head to the Plan Overview page by clicking on your avatar or initials in the right corner of the top navigation menu then choosing Your Plan.

Click Edit to the right of your current card details to change your credit card information.

Click Edit next to the Contact Details section to change your billing contact or billing address. The plan summary shows you how many User accounts you're paying for, and when your next automatic payment will be made.

View and Print Invoices

Click the Invoices tab in the sidebar from the Plan Overview page where you'll see all your past payments listed in the table. Choose View to open the invoice in a pop-up window. Choose Download to download a PDF version to store or print.

An invoice is also sent via email each month to the Account Owner and Billing Contact when there is an amount due.

The Account Owner will still be able to view or download an invoice that shows $0 due on the Invoices page.

Make an Annual Payment

Make an annual pre-payment to take advantage of our annual discount. See Annual Payments for more information on how we handle those!


Click the blue Switch to Annual button under the billing section.


Review the amount shown in the modal and click Pay Now. Note that the example here is only for illustration, your billing details will vary.

Alternate Payment Methods

Help Scout accounts with 10 or more users may opt to receive an invoice for annual prepayment in order to pay via check, wire transfer, or PayPal. Just reach out to our team with the following information:

  • Your organization's billing address
  • How many total users you'll have
  • How many Docs sites total you need
  • What add-ons (like additional Inboxes) you need, if any

We ask that invoices be paid on receipt, as your account may become inactive after 30 days without payment.

Annual Auto-Renew

You can choose to have your annual payment automatically renew if you're paying by credit card. Your annual renewal will be charged automatically to the credit card on file when your previously paid credit runs out. Auto-renew is the default setting — toggle the switch off to return to monthly billing when your credits run out instead.

Head to Your Plan then toggle Auto-renew off to make that switch.

Sales Tax

Help Scout is required to collect sales tax on behalf of our customers in the United States based on our legal nexus. We collect sales tax automatically in those states.

Your company's billing address determines your sales tax rate, as shown in your plan overview and on your invoice.

Account Owners can update the billing address at any time. Just head to Your Plan, then click Edit in the Contact Details section.

Tax Exempt Organizations

Based on your location, some businesses and non-profit organizations may be exempt from paying sales tax. If your company is tax exempt, please send a copy of your state sales tax exemption certificate to our support team and we'll get things set for you.

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