Payments and Invoices

As the Account Owner, you can change your Help Scout subscription and payment method at any time. Let's take a quick look at the Your Plan page. Only the account owner is able to access this page.

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Update Payment Details

You can update your credit card information by clicking the edit link to the right of your current card details. If you need to update the name or address that appear on the invoice, click the Edit link in the Contact Details section. The plan summary shows you how many User accounts you're paying for, and when your next automatic payment will be made.

View and Print Invoices

If you need to print invoices, click on the Invoices tab in the sidebar. You'll see all your past (and pending) payments listed in the table. Clicking the View/Print Invoice link will open the invoice in a small pop-up window.

An invoice is also emailed each month to the Account Owner and Billing Contact when there is an amount due. If there is no amount due, the Account Owner will still be able to access that $0 invoice in app on the Invoices page. 

Note: To add a Billing Contact email address, just head to Your Profile and enter an email address in the Billing Email field.

Make an Annual Payment

If you're interested in paying for a full year, you can switch over to annual billing at any time. 


Click the blue  Switch to Annual button under the billing section.


Review the amount and click the Make an Annual Payment button. If you'd like to pay via check or PayPal, contact us and we'll send you an invoice to finish the payment process. 


When paying annually by credit card, we also support auto-renewing annual billing. If auto-renew is enabled, your annual renewal will be charged automatically to the credit card on file when there isn't enough prepaid credit remaining on your account. By default, auto-renew will be enabled for any new annual payments made by credit card. 

To enable auto-renew, head to the Your Plan page then toggle Auto-renew on. 

If auto-renew is disabled and there isn't enough prepaid credits remaining on your account, you'll be charged for the total payable balance. Your next monthly payment will be charged to the credit card on file at your plan's regular monthly rate.  

Sales Tax

In the United States, Help Scout is required to collect sales tax on behalf of our customers. Sales tax eligibility varies by location and is based on legal nexus. In states where our product is considered taxable, Help Scout is required to collect and remit sales tax. 

Your company's billing address is used to determine your sales tax rate. The amount of sales tax charged will be added as a separate line item to the Your Plan page and to your invoice. 

Account Owners can update the billing address at any time by heading to Your Plan, then clicking Edit in the Contact Details section. 

Tax Exempt Organizations 

Based on your location, some businesses and non-profit organizations may be exempt from paying sales tax. If your company is tax exempt, please send a copy of your state sales tax exemption certificate to our support team. We're more than happy to help with exemption validation! 

Why did you start charging tax? 
Due to a recent Supreme Court ruling, states have become more aggressive in pursuing the collection of state tax for software. This is a state-by-state requirement, not a Help Scout requirement. We're simply a passthrough for a government request. 
Why was I billed for 2018 taxes?
Help Scout is a remote company with legal nexus in several states. We worked with each of those states to determine tax liability—in some cases, going back as far as 2015. We’re taking care of any sales tax, interest, penalties, and paperwork for all amounts billed prior to 2018. 
If you were to be audited for 2018, this amount would be owed with penalty and interest. We’ve provided a paid invoice so you have proof of taxes paid in the event of an audit. 
Some folks have already self-assessed this tax and paid it, but if it has not been paid we are happy to collect and remit for you. Sales tax is included on all bills starting in February 2019. This will save you from having to complete the self-reporting process on your state tax filings. 
What if I’ve already assessed and paid sales and use tax for Help Scout?
You may have already identified that we had not charged you sales and use tax and remitted the payment yourself as part of your state tax filing obligations. If that's the case, for our records, please send over the following:
  • The date that you filed the return that included your use tax paid
  • The amount that was paid
We'll use that information to ensure the records we submit to your state reflect that this tax was already paid by your team. 
I have more tax questions!
We know this is a tricky subject. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are here to help!

Still stuck? How can we help? How can we help?