Understand drafts and revisions

This article will help you understand how drafts and revisions work in Docs.

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Working with drafts

As you write new articles, Docs will auto-save all of your work every 15 seconds. You can manually save drafts by clicking the check mark icon next to the Publish button. There can only be one draft per article at any given time. Whenever you save a new draft, you'll overwrite the previous draft. 

Your customers do not see drafts until you publish the article. If you're updating an article that's already published, you'll need to re-republish the article so folks on the other end can see the latest and greatest updates. 

Preview article changes

Previewing your article as you write is a great way to see what your content will look like when its published. If you're adding HTML or getting wild with some of the style options, use the preview feature to get it right before publishing a draft.

Working with revisions

Since multiple people edit and publish the same article from time to time, it's helpful to see what's changed between edits. We keep track of published revisions for all of your articles. Just click the Revision History link under the article title to preview (or restore) the past 25 revisions. New revisions are saved each time an article is published.

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