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When it comes to your Docs site, there are two different options for setting up the layout of your home page: Most Popular Articles or Categories. Each have their own unique look and advantages, and can be easily changed under your site settings. This article is all about the home page layout options we offer. 

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Home page setting

You can change the setting for the home page by heading to Manage → Docs → Site Settings, and scrolling down to the Site Information section. Under the Show on Home Page drop-down menu, you can select one of the options: Most Popular Articles or Categories

The Most Popular Articles option gives you the opportunity to show your customers exactly that: your most popular articles. It comes in handy when your customers aren't sure where to start looking for help, or what to search for. Here are some great examples of what that looks like:

If you have one collection and choose the Most Popular Articles option, we will show both categories and your most popular articles. If you have multiple collections, only the article links will be shown.


The Categories option lets you display all of your categories in blocked off segments to quickly give your customers an idea of exactly which topics they may be after, and have them neatly grouped together. We have some great examples of what that looks like:

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