Reports: Team/Company and User

We're particularly fond of the Team and User reports for one big reason: total accountability. At a glance, the Team report (or Company report, if you're on the Plus Plan) shows you how many customers you're helping, as well as how many replies you're sending on average. Once you drill down into the User report, you're able to see every single conversation your team members have touched, along with individual productivity metrics across the board. Let's hop right into some questions that Team report will help you answer. 

How do I measure individual performance? 

You'll find quite a few metrics on the User report, each capable of providing different insights. How you weigh those metrics is totally up to you. These counts are pretty straightforward. Here's a quick breakdown: 

  • Volume is all about how many customers have been helped, and how many total conversations were handled. You'll also see which day of the week was busiest, alongside an average of conversations handled per day. 
  • Replies gives you a look at how many replies have been sent. More importantly, you'll find a few of those productivity metrics we mentioned above.
  • Resolutions looks at a few different metrics, all related to resolving conversations. For example: How many replies on average does it take Abigail to resolve a conversation? 
  • Happiness shows you an overall glimpse of the ratings and feedback you've received from customers. You'll also be able to view the accompanying conversations and customer name for each rating.

What if I need to provide coaching on specific conversations?

Just scroll on down to the Conversation History section for a complete list of conversations handled. You'll notice some fancy metrics in the table, each pertaining to that individual conversation. Click on the conversation number to load the conversation in a pop-up window. 

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