Translate Docs Words and Phrases

Translate your Docs site into the languages that you customers need, using built in tools and/or integrations. 

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Translate Docs Phrases and Labels

All labels and informational text in your Docs site is available for translation. Each Docs site has its own translation settings which allows you to maintain a separate Docs site for each language you would like to publish in. 

You can also use this feature to simply change the wording on the site if you would prefer different phrases. For example, you can change Search the knowledge base to Search the Help Center if that works better for you.

Head over to Manage > Docs and click the Translate tab in the left menu. Enter the translation or text that you would like to show on your Docs site. Click Save at the bottom of the page when you're finished. 

Translate Docs Article Contents

Offer your Docs content in different languages using built in tools or integrations.

Use AI Assist

BETA AI Assist is now available to Plus and Pro plans in Docs — use it to translate your Docs content into other languages.

Offer multiple languages within your articles, or copy your content into another Docs site and use AI Assist to translate the content.

More information about this feature here: Use AI Assist in Help Scout

Weglot Integration

The folks over at Weglot built out an integration to dynamically and easily translate the content on your Docs site with a quick click of a button! Once you've got everything set up and running, Weglot will automatically translate your site for you, so no need to set up separate sites for each individual language that you need to support. Translated articles are indexed by search engines, so the integration is SEO-friendly out of the box.

Read more on Weglot's own Docs site here: Help Scout - Integration / Setup

Transifex Integration

Our friends over at Transifex also have an integration that translates your public Docs sites in a jiffy. Simply install the app in Help Scout, go through the setup process, and once you're up and running, Transifex will automatically collect content from your Docs site for translation - no coding required! 

Read more about it on Transifex's help site here: Help Scout

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